Accepted papers

The following papers will be presented at FSMNLP:

  1. Stoyan Mihov and Klaus Schulz.
    Failure Transducers and Applications in Knowledge-Based Text Processing
  2. Lars Hellsten, Brian Roark, Prasoon Goyal, Cyril Allauzen, Françoise Beaufays, Tom Ouyang, Michael Riley and David Rybach.
    Transliterated mobile keyboard input via weighted finite-state transducers
  3. Yiding Hao.
    Harmonic Serialism and Finite-State Optimality Theory
  4. Ling Liu and Mans Hulden.
    Evaluation of Finite State Morphological Analyzers Based on Paradigm Extraction from Wiktionary
  5. Christian Wurm and Simon Petitjean.
    Multi-tape Computing with Synchronous Relations
  6. Vinit Ravishankar and Francis M.
    Tyers. Finite-state morphological analysis for Marathi
  7. Anssi Yli-Jyrä.
    Bounded-Depth High-Coverage Search Space for Noncrossing Parses
  8. Jakub Piskorski.
    Core Tools for Assembling Information Extraction Pipelines [paper withdrawn]
  9. Razieh Ehsani, Berke Özenç and Ercan Solak.
    A FST description of noun and verb morphology of Azarbaijani Turkish
  10. Shashikant Sharma and Anil Kumar Singh.
    Word Transduction for Addressing the OOV Problem in Machine Translation for Similar Resource-Scarce Languages
  11. Michael Minock.
    Evaluating an Automata Approach to Query Containment