Earlier conferences in the series were:

1st FSMNLP 1996 Budapest (at ECAI-1996)
2nd FSMNLP 1998 Ankara
3rd FSMNLP 2001 Helsinki (at ESSLLI-2001)
4th FSMNLP 2003 Budapest (at EACL-2003)
5th FSMNLP 2005 Helsinki
6th FSMNLP 2007 Potsdam
7th FSMNLP 2008 Ispra
8th FSMNLP 2009 Pretoria
9th FSMNLP 2011 Blois (with 16th CIAA)
10th FSMNLP 2012 San Sebastian
11th FSMNLP 2013 St Andrews
12th FSMNLP 2015 Düsseldorf

The next conference

The location of FSMNLP 2019 is yet to be decided. Potential future organizers are encouraged to contact the current organizers. Any proposals will be discussed informally at a SIGFSM business meeting that is part of the program of FSMNLP 2017.

Organizers of past conferences are willing to share their experience with future organizers. Organizers also receive support from the officers and board of SIGFSM.